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We launch products, manage businesses, and build companies.

Hello. We're LOFT.

Our business is buying, managing and building Saas, E-Commerce and Subscription businesses.


You may be the founder in a startup that’s achieved good revenue but never achieved unicorn scale.

You may be one who solved a problem and bootstrapped to a point of scale but is ready for something new or looking to take a breather.


We act quickly to validate and scale ideas when we see white space in the market or niche problems without a solution.


You acquired a SaaS business and want a technical and marketing team to manage, maintain and/or grow the business so you don't have to.

You own a digital product but don't have a development team in-house to handle support, maintainence and optimization.

Interested in selling your profitable company? Tell us more.

Want LOFT to manage the product side of your SaaS, subscription or E-Commerce business? Let’s talk.